Bend Real Estate: Higher Highs and Lower Lows

Mt Bachelor on a blustery day

Mt Bachelor on a blustery day


We live in Bend, Play in Bend and Invest in Bend.  WE LOVE BEND.  That doesn't mean that Bend is perfect.  Our real estate market has had a dual personality, kinda a Jekyll and Hyde thing.  The lows are heart breaking and the highs are intoxicating and the time between the two can seem like the blink of the eye.

However Bend is changing?  Is Bend going to have a more stable real estate market moving forward from 2017.  You never know, we certainly don't expect for median home prices to continue to increase at the rates that they have over the last 4 years but we also don't expect the market to dive to the depths of 2010.  

Bend is on everyone's radar.  People from all over the country want to move here, and we can understand why.   As long as demand stays high we expect prices to at least maintain.

There's also a limited supply of affordable houses on Bend's westside.  Low supply coupled with continued demand will maintain the high prices on Bend's westside.  But this doesn't mean there aren't opportunities out there to find hidden gems.  Let us help you find the home of your dreams, maybe you're just not looking in the right place.

All photography provided by Rodney Trepess